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About Us

It's about time we had some cool Lakewood themed tees to fill our closets. We're pretty damn proud to live in Lakewood and we're pretty damn ready to display it to the world. Join the hyper local movement with some fresh designs for yourself. For your friends and for your family.

And speaking of design, we have a strict philosophy on the subject: Clean. Uncluttered. Never busy. Always clever. Once we've landed on a strong design, we distill it. Then distill it again. Then distill it again. Sounds like we're making top shelf whiskey.

A little about the founder: Patrick Kellett has a background in graphic design, advertising, marketing and fine arts from Kent State. He finds inspiration in road signs, movie posters, books about Swiss typography, greeting cards, technology and reddit. He also guarantees you will never see a BLK LBL design with Comic Sans or Papyrus.

“I’ve lived in Lakewood for five years and in that time, I’ve really connected with the city and its amazingly diverse culture,” Kellett said. “I wanted to share my passion for Lakewood in a fun and creative way that reflects the personality of the community and clothing is a great way to do that.”

With a small investment Kellett launched Lakewood BLK LBL in 2013 from his basement after realizing that the city was ripe for custom apparel. “There are great clothing designs for Cleveland everywhere you look, but I wanted to narrow the focus to Lakewood,” Kellett said.

Kellett began by selling custom-designed unisex T-shirts at local events, including the Taste of Lakewood, the Lakewood Arts Festival and the Last Minute Market. “There's something awesome about sharing your passion for something and watching people embrace it,” Kellett said. “When I see our products on the street, it's great to know that someone chose to wear my design that day.”

You also can follow our story on Facebook at LakewoodBLKLBL.